Anti-Virus and Internet Security Solutions

Is your computer behaving strangely — sudden crashes, spikes in performance, or other oddities? There’s a good chance that spyware or viruses are part or much of the problem.

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Wireless Networking

Want to enjoy wireless freedom throughout your home? Do you have multiple devices (including printers, gaming consoles and TVs) that you’d like to connect via a home network? We offer home network installation, support, and troubleshooting. Whether you need instant network repair or need us to connect one or more devices, we provide a cost-effective and fast solution.

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Troubleshoot and Repair

One minute, your computer seemed fine. Then something happened … or maybe your computer has been slowing down, crashing, or misbehaving for some time.

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Current Technology News

The connected customer revolution: A new kind of customer service

At the 2015 Dreamforce conference, Salesforce co-founders Marc Benioff and Parker Harris addressed the technology revolutions that are changing how companies should address their customers. Sou ...

IDG Contributor Network: Why you should care about security and reliability of data on the Internet of things

Last month, Hortonworks announced that they were acquiring (or, more likely, acqui-hiring) Onyara, the very young company created earlier this year by the inventors of the Apache NiFi project. What is ...

Apple gets serious about data security with iOS 9

Apple may not be the first name that comes up when you think about security, but iOS 9 shows the company has mobile security squarely in mind. The latest Apple security push began in 2013 with Touch I ...